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Group lessons and golf clinics

2 hours golf introduction

Ideal golf discovery whilst enjoying the south of France.

  • Golf introductory and discovery of the course


    Discover golf by playing on the course.

  • Intensive golf programme and lessons to get the Green Card

    Green Card

    Become confident on the course and pass the Green Card.

  • Intensive golf clinic and coaching for advanced player

    Advanced Player

    Improve your potential and regularity.

Golf discovery during your trip in the south of France

  • Cours intensifs avec hébergement hôtel


    2 hours golf introduction
    Basics and fundamentals

  • Séjour avec stage pandant les vacances dans le sud de la France


    Golf clubs and range balls are included during the lesson.

  • Coaching en situation sur le parcours


    Both technical and fun for an enjoyable introduction to golf.

  • Enseignement du golf en région PACA


    We always improve quicker when we have fun...