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Group lessons and golf clinics

Golf Academy on the French Riviera

Golf coaching during your stay in the Alpes Maritimes.

  • Golf introductory and discovery of the course


    Discover golf by playing on the course.

  • Intensive golf programme and lessons to get the Green Card

    Green Card

    Become confident on the course and pass the Green Card.

  • Intensive golf clinic and coaching for advanced player

    Advanced Player

    Improve your potential and regularity.

Coaching phylosophy

  • Intensive golf lessons with hotel stay

    To be successfull

    Learning in situation will accelerate you progress...

  • Hotel stay and coaching during your holidays in the south of France


    Enjoying yourself is the quickest way to advance...

  • Coaching in situation on the course

    Understand and feel

    Learn the correct way for a dynamic swing and develop your feelings...

  • Golf teaching on the Côte d'azur

    Coaching on the course

    Confidence can be acquired whilst playing on the course...